Self-Defense Training

Krav Maga Self Defense Woman Self Defense Training

Self-Defense training similar to Krav Maga and ATA’s MMA and athletic training is combined to provide a diverse full body workout while incorporating real life scenario drills for self defense. This class features a structured curriculum that is in continuous motion, utilizing all levels of Self-Defense skills taught in a manner to enhance your cardiovascular system.

Self-Defense students don’t just perform blocks, punches, kicks and movements you would find at a gym to music or in the mirror. Students train in an environment that is preparing them for real life conditions. The Self-Defense Training at KarateBuilt in Grand Rapids, MI is a true Conditioning Program that specializes in a Total Body Workout that doesn’t feel like boring fitness classes you may have taken before.

Self-Defense Training and Conditioning Program brings a fresh experience and keeps each and every student motivated. With a strong dedication and commitment to the Self-Defense Training student, Mr. Flees’ instructors teach a combination of strength training, combatives, flexibility skills, and workouts in a top notch academy training facility. There is an emphasize on muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance for Self-Defense students in Grand Rapids, MI while instilling the distinctive awareness and self defense techniques needed for street survival in our ever changing world. Correct body alignment to maximize efficiency can be key, our team of professional instructors at KarateBuilt Grand Rapids will work on refining Self-Defense training techniques through exciting repetition drills and training. All levels of Self-Defense training from the beginner to the experienced can train.

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