All Tiger Testing/Graduation is at 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm!  Bring your Camera to take pictures of the Action and get one with your Instructor!  Tigers will demonstrate what they have worked on in this last testing cycle!  You will not want to miss a minute of the action so arrive early as seating is […]

So you want to enroll your child in Karate? Unless you have some experience in this yourself you will want to consider these factors when picking a location or school to have your little one attend. Get a referral. Someone in your circle of friends knows a place or someone that they recommend. After all, […]

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WorldNeedsLeadersStartsw U.3 280x150 Nov. 5th 2016 LEADERSHIP SEMINAR

Mr. Flees is looking forward to seeing you all at the Leadership Training. It’s going to be a great time that could change your or your child’s future, watch your mail for more information! This seminar is required for all students Basic, Master Club, Leadership & Elite are required to attend this training. The staff […]

Womens Martial Arts2 280x190 Physical Fitness

Martial arts for women is also a good way to keep yourself fit and alert. For most women, physical fitness has always been about losing weight to get that perfect shape or to fit into their favorite dress. Though these are good enough reasons to hit the gym, there is some more good news for women. […]

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