Required Training with Sr. Master Moody!

Blue Kick 233x300 Required Training with Sr. Master Moody!  August 29th Special Guest 7th Degree Black Belt Sr. Master Moody

Mr. Flees has invited Sr. Master Moody to join us from Phoenix, AZ for this special training. Sr. Master Moody has trained hundreds of Black Belts and Instructors and he would like to share with our students some of what he teaches his own students.  Mr. Flees has been working with Sr. Master Moody since 2012 to help build our school, train our instructors and to create the best Black Belt leaders in the world . By doing this everyone can have a more successful life in and out of the Martial Arts!

All of our Students are Required to attend this special training with Sr. Master Moody on Aug. 29th.  Go to the Calendar to see when your class time will be!

To learn more about Sr. Master click his link here Sr. Master Moody Bio.